Lohocla was established in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, to fulfill the desire of its founder, Dr. Boris Tabakoff, to use his basic science and clinical findings to the public. Dr. Tabakoff’s major interest at that time was research on markers to ascertain excessive alcohol intake and development of products to protect individuals from the damaging effects of alcohol. Dr. Tabakoff’s research resulted in two patents; both pertinent to the company’s current studies. A derivation of the first patent is driving the recent work of Lohocla, demonstrating that platelet enzyme proteins can reflect the level of alcohol consumed by chronic drinkers. The second patent has been exploited by others to produce an effective liver protectant for heavy drinkers. S-adenosylmethionine has recently been used in clinical trials within the Veterans Administration Hospital system and has shown positive results.

There was a hiatus in the company’s development because Dr. Tabakoff joined the Federal Government as the Scientific Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. After eight years of government service, Dr. Tabakoff returned to private life and started the further development of Lohocla in 1993. The company quickly involved itself in new research ventures including the development of genetic tests for predisposition to depression and alcohol addiction and the development of medications for chronic pain syndromes.

Lohocla started its current program of rational drug design by identifying targets important in the etiology of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction. An important transition occurred in the company’s research portfolio when it was discovered that a molecule Lohocla designed and synthesized was an excellent medication for controlling chronic (neuropathic) pain. Since that time, Lohocla has generated a lead chemical candidate and discovered derivatives which protect against development of neuropathic pain and derivates useful in preventing cancer metastasis.

Currently, Lohocla employs nine scientists and administrators, and its research laboratories are housed in the Bioscience Park Center adjoining the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine at the Anschutz Health Sciences Campus in Aurora, Colorado.

Lohocla’s current research is supported by Phase II SBIR Grant, a Phase II Continuation Grant, and a contractual agreement with Mediagnost, a company headquartered in Tübingen, Germany.