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Potassium Channel

Lohocla Research Corporation rationally designed a novel small molecule named Kindolor for treatment of chronic pain syndromes. The molecule simultaneously reduces the over-activity of NMDA (NR1-NR2B) receptors and the Nav 1.7 and Nav 1.8 sodium channels in chronic pain syndromes. Kindolor has negligible blood brain barrier penetrance which would reduce deleterious CNS side effects. Thus, Kindolor’s actions are confined to the peripheral nervous system. Kindolor’s proof of concept has been established and shows that it produces significant anti-hyperalgesia properties in four animal models of chronic pain. The metabolic fate profile of Kindolor is via glucuronidation and hydroxylation. No genotoxic effects of Kindolor have been noted. Acute dosing levels 50 times higher than doses producing therapeutic effects produced no overt signs of toxicity and we estimate the therapeutic index for Kindolor to be greater than 50. Following a second non-rodent species one-month toxicity study, we plan to open a US IND and begin clinical testing.

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